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Credibility is not the Marketing person's most important tool... It is the ONLY tool

Mansoor Mahmood Ashiq is MBA from the city university business school, London, UK and has 22 years of experience in marketing, strategic management, teaching and training. He is working as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Business and Information Technology (IBIT), University of Punjab since 2006. Formerly, he has worked as Hon. Assistant Professor at National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Assistant Professor at COMSATS Institute and as a Research Associate at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). He has also taught executive MBA courses at GCU and Undergraduate courses at IBA, Kinnaird College & PIFD. His training interest are business strategy, Leadership, Marketing Management, Communication, Entrepreneurship and Islamic Business Philosophy. He has co-authored a book on “Branding of a Political Party Worker in Pakistan”, and has supervised 54 M.phil students. He is a member of Recruiters Network USA & Association of MBAs, UK. He has travelled extensively to USA, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, UAE & Far East.

Mansoor Mahmood Ashiq

Marketing Student and Corporate Trainer.

"What They Don't Teach Us Even In The Top Business Schools"

Emerging Leadership Workshop

  • To create a Passion for Achieving Goals despite Failures
  • To develop a Vision of participants as future leaders.
  • To enhance the Performance Knowledge & Abilities of the participants.
  • To Build the Leadership Personality, Credibility, and Recognition.
  • To Strengthen the winning combination of IQ, EQ  & TQ.



  • The 3 Best Teachers in the World
  • Developing the Business Personality
  • Top 10 Business Myths
  • Leadership Skills Dilemma
  • Power of Listening & Non Verbal Communication Skills
  • Competitive Strategies and Core Competencies
  • Islamic Dimensions of Business & Management
  • The Underestimated Power of Business Mathematics
  • Logic VS Emotions in Business
  • Why Organizations Fail?
  • Strategies Of Wars and Sports
  • Creativity, Humor, Jargons and Buzz Words in Business
  • Aesthetics of Self Promotion & Personal Branding
  • The Foreign Degree & CGPA Myopia at Job Interviews
  • Enthusiastic Entrepreneurial Dreams


If I know anything about Marketing & Sales other than ordinary, I owe it to Mr. Mansoor. He has this unique ability to find the hidden talents within the people and polish them. That leads him to be an excellent trainer in his field. If an organization requires training instilling leadership and motivation then he is the man for the job.
Usman Ali Qadri
Deputy Manager Industrial Consumer - Strategic Accounts Pakistan State Oil-PSO
I found not the text books but his verdicts more pertinent to attain a successful sustenance on my career path. He is indeed an extraordinary instructor and more of a mentor for the students aspiring for something more than the mere jobs - persistent accomplishment in one's profession and persona.
Farzeen Khan
Program Officer (M & E), US AID, Islamabad
Prof. Mansur Mehmood knows how to put the complex business concepts into doable strategies that work. He saves a lot of time and effort for the professionals looking forward to level up their skills.
Ayesha Zaman
Org: Skills Todo Designation: Founder and CEO
Literally no words in any language of this world would be suffice to explicate the Training Skills of Sir Mansoor shb. His method is based on pragmatic approach towards life. What I am today: It's all due to him & only him. Whenever I feel myself in some challenging conundrum, his voice echoes in my head & heart and eventually I find myself in utmost esteem. Sir, you are great
Dr. Rana Auranzaib
Assistant Commissioner Shahkot (Nankana sahb) Govt. of Punjab
He provides a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous learning environment based on a great mix of practical learning activities and a very challenging yet supportive learning atmosphere. Mansoor’s manner of teaching is so wonderful and motivating. He’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that help improve professionalism.
Muhammad Dawer
Marketing & Business Development Manager – Malaysia & Vietnam FMC Corporation
"Thank you does not adequately express my gratitude for the experience and learning I have gained from Sir Mansoor. It is so inspring to see the passionate and enthusiasm he exhibits during his training that engaged the whole audience. He also ensure that all are linked and connected with him. He adds value by giving practical examples that brings real world to you which is very helpful in your life. He is very friendly and open to listen and discuss. Never tired with a smiling face. I sincerely wish him more success in his life each day and hope to learn more from him."
Mahwish Saleem
Head of HR Maison Consulting and Solutions